Deflationary NFT collection launched on $NEAR

2222 starting supply

50% of Royalties will be used to buy back/burn supply


Hey Panda Squad!  Here are our rarities for the collection!

** You may notice that some of our rarities are quite flat (not all of them, we do still want some rare ones for those who are interested in that). This is done as an experiment to see how the deflation/aesthetics affects the prices.

Other deflationary projects have more rare pieces that never have a chance to be burnt regardless of their aesthetic. We will see how a flatter rarity ranking effects the trait count.

After each burn we will update how many of each trait are remaining so our rarities will be constantly evolving!
We’re bringing the first deflationary collection to NEAR, so rarities will be constantly evolving as more Pandas are burnt and certain traits become more rare!

The support after launching our Discord/Twitter has been insane! We really appreciate everyone here so early to support us on this! We are looking forward to growing this Community and building some solid foundations on the NEAR Ecosystem!

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